Farm Fresh Christmas Trees

Farm Fresh Christmas Trees

We’ve got Christmas trees galore, choose from potted, to pot grown and drop, to non-drop. We have a tree to suit all tastes and budgets.

Fraser Fir Non-Drop

Quickly becoming one of the most popular trees on the market, this pyramid shaped tree has a deep blue-green colour and excellent needle retention. Branches sweep upward in neat layers.

Nordmann Fir Non-Drop

This tree will fill your home with a lovely fresh pine fragrance. Layered branches give it a good conical shape and it has great needle retention.

Norway Spruce

Our most popular tree. This is an excellent all-round tree with well-spaced branches for decorating. Remember this tree is better suited to cooler temperatures.

When you’ve got your tree home, store it in an unheated location (such as the garage) until you are ready to decorate it. Keep your tree looking it’s best by watering it well. Make sure it sits in a shallow pool of water to stop the end of the tree drying out, this way it should last you all Christmas and look as good as the day you bought it.

After Christmas, bring back your tree to us and we’ll recycling it by giving it to Ogden Reservoir who’ll use it the help maintain the pathways and provide a home for local wildlife.