Our Animal Croft is the perfect place to treat the kids whilst shopping. We have a wide range of animals and best of all it is free to enter and has lovely views across the valley.

Open every day to provide educational visits to families and school visits also providing a small breeding programme. We feel it is important to teach children where food comes from, whilst giving them the opportunity to interact with animals they would not normally get to see.

What ever the weather we have something to see every day. Our inside animal area has lots of friendly animals to meet. Say hello to our rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises, bearded dragon, ferrets and fish.

Are your little ones a farmer in the making? Sit on the little grey Fergie, our Massey Ferguson tractor, it’s a great photo opportunity for your budding farmer.

Our outdoor area has lots of animals too, including goats, sheep, pigs, ducks and chickens. The chickens and ducks are free range, and you’ll see them wander around outside. They do have pens but are very friendly and love to say hello.

George the unicorn goat!

There's a story about George and his one horn. He wasn't born with one horn, as a little one we'd always find him following us around in the Garden Centre. We couldn't work out how he was escaping from the Croft. Until one day, when he'd grown a little and couldn't squeeze through his sneaky gap in the fence. He got stuck and, in a panic, pulled back and took his horn off. The vet came and fixed him, but it means he's only got one horn but he's our little unicorn.

Goose our cheeky chicken!

Yes we know he's a chicken but he's a funny little fella so we gave him a funny little name.
Goose lives inside the Garden Centre. He decided to pack his bags and move inside. He likes the finer things in life and outside living isn't one of those.

Goose has a wife, Mrs Goose lives outside with the other chickens but occasionally she come inside to see her husband and they have a little wander before she goes back outside in the sun.

If you can't see him in the Garden Centre, you might find him queuing at the Takeaway where he likes to try and beg a free chip off our customers or the team.