August- Plant Of The Month and Top Five Gardening Tips

August- Plant Of The Month and Top Five Gardening Tips

Plant Of The Month:


A succulent is any plant with thick, fleshy leaves or stems. A succulent stores it's water in it's leaves, stem or roots. They do this as they are used to warmer climates where water isn't as abundant, and it has learn to store it for when it's needed.
Succulents like bright light, at least six hours of sun a day and they can tolerate much cooler weather than you first think. They can be planted outside but we suggest planting them out when it's warmer so that they can get used to the dip in temperatures steadily.
They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and add a different texture to most plants. Great for rockeries, plant pots and borders. Make sure that there's plenty of drainage as they hate it when the roots get too wet and as they can rot.

This Months Top Five Things to Do In Your Garden

August is usually the hottest month. The kids are off school and you appreciate the extra room outside. Keep the kids entertained with garden games and maybe teach them how to grown your own. Gardneing can be fun for the whole family (Except teenagers who just want to sleep!)

1. Take cuttings of much-loved plants for next year.

2. Start planting spring flowering bulbs

3. Harvest your crops, reap the rewards of all the hard work in the previous months.

4. Keep watering, try not to water when the sun is fully out. Stick to early or later watering.

5. Light up your garden, when the sun goes down continue enjoying your garden with solar lights and fire pits.