How To Create Your Own Hanging Baskets

How To Create Your Own Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are usually planted with flowering annuals but they can be just as attractive and productive when used to grown dwarf or trailing vegetables and herbs. This is not only a great way to make the best use of a smaller plot, but it also allows you to bring your cops within easy picking distance of the kitchen.

Step 1:

Line your basket to help retain moisture, line your basket with plastic or a purpose made liner before filing the base with compost. Now add water retaining crystals and slow release fertilizer.

Step 2:

Choose plants. Position upright herbs and vegetable sin the centre of the basket, with trailing varieties around the edge. In large baskets, add flowering annuals for extra colour. Plant closely together

Step 3:

Add compost Vegetable are thirsty plants; make sure they are no large pickets in the compost between plants and only fill to 5cm, (2inch) below the basket rim, so you can water it thoroughly.

Step 4:

Water and Feed Well: Water the plants in well and position the basket in sheltered sunny spot. To encourage good crop water twice daily during summer and apply a liquid feed once a week.