How To Grow Mushrooms

How To Grow Mushrooms

How to grow Mushrooms

Mushrooms are an unusual crop but once you’ve grasped the basic technique, they easy to grow and can provide a worthwhile harvest from unused spots outdoors, or in a dark corner inside. The familiar white and brown cap mushrooms are the quickest and easiest, but you can also grow more exotic species, like oyster mushrooms.

Step 1:

It’s simple to grow your own white cap mushrooms from a kit at any time of the year as long as you have the correct growing conditions. Pour the specialist compost into the tray or container. Braking up an lumps.

Step 2:

Moisten the compost thoroughly. Carefully open the packet of mushroom spawn and scatter it evenly over the compost. Gently mix into the surface using your hand or a hand fork. Don’t mix the spores in too deeply.

Step 3:

Cover the container with the kit or use layers of damp newspaper. Place it somewhere ata round 15’c and keep it moist. Mushrooms don’t need to be in the dark, jst out of direct sunlight, a shed would be suitable.

Step 4:

After about 14 days, web like mycelium should be visible on the surface. Remove any newspaper and cover the mycelium with 2.50cm (inch) of compost, keeping it moist. The first mushrooms will appear in 10 weeks.