How To Grow Sprouting Seeds

How To Grow Sprouting Seeds

How to grow Sprouting Seeds

Packed with protein, vitamins and minerals, sprouting seeds add a  healthy fresh crunch to salads, sandwiches and stir fry’s all year round- just add water- and in only a few days your crop will be ready to eat. All you need are some recommended seeds and a large jar with a perforated lid.

Step 1:

Wash the jar well, add the seeds and rinse them thoroughly with cold water. Only fill the jar about a third full to allow room for the seeds to grow. Fill with water and leave seeds to soak for 6-12 hours

Step 2:

Drain the jar thoroughly and put it in a well-ventilated place out of direct sunlight. Rinse the seeds with cold water and drain completely twice daily. This keeps them fresh and will stop them from drying out.

Step 3:

After 2-4 days for peas and beans, or 4- 6 days for other seeds, the crops should be ready to eat. Try the sprouts at various stages to see which you prefer. Allow them to dry for a few hours before storing in the fridge

Step 4:

Make your own sprouting jars by stretching muslin over the neck of a jar with an elastic band. Tiered trays are ideal for sprouting several types of seeds simultaneously. Sprouting bags are perfect for larger peas or beans.

Try these:

Use only seeds sold specifically for sprouting to ensure that they are suitable and that they have not been treated with chemicals.

Aduki Beans

Slightly sweet, these red skinned beans produce short white sprouts. Ready to eat in 2-4 days.


Always a favourite with its mild, nutty flavour and crisp shoots, this small seeds sprouts in 4- 6 days.


High in antioxidants, with a bold brassica taste. Best sprouted in seed mixes that take 3-6 days to crop.

Mung Beans

Sprout in the dark for traditional Chinese beansprouts, or enjoy short shoots in 2-4 days