How To Grow Tomatoes

How To Grow Tomatoes

How To Grow Tomatoes

Home-grown tomatoes taste so superior plucked ripe from the plant. They are easy to grow outside in a warm spot and depending on varieties they will also flourish in sheltered spots and on a sunny windowsill.

Right plant, right place

Before you buy seeds or young plants consider where you are growing them. If you want a bumper crop from your greenhouse you’ll probably want to train tall plants and maximise your space. Whereas if you grow them on your windowsill or hanging basket miniature bushy plants will be more suitable, perhaps you want fruit that will ripen reliably outdoors? There is a variety to suit every gardener’s needs.

Cordon or bush?

Tomatoes have two main growing habits, there is tall ‘cordon or indeterminate which have a main stem that will grow 2m (6ft) long in ideal conditions, they are usually trained up supports in greenhouses. They’ll need their tip pinching out when they reach the desired height. Any side shoots between the main leaves and main stem are need removing to re direct the plants energy from the leaves to the fruit.  In contrast the ‘bush’ or determinate varieties need no pinching out because it is their side shoots that develop and spread out over the soil carrying the fruit. The varieties often mature early and make better for outdoor growing.

Choose your favourite fruit

Do you think all tomatoes are red and round? Well you’re in for a shock!  Tomatoes come in all shapes and colours, choose the best one to suit your cooking pattern.