First trees arrive mid November

Nothing beats the smell of pine needles at Christmas

Thousands Of Fresh Christmas Trees

Choosing the perfect tree is one of the most exciting things to do at Christmas. It's a family event, and our helpful team are on hand to help you choose the tree for you. We've lots of farm fresh Christmas trees in all shapes, varieties and sizes.

Nothing beats the wonderful pine scent of a real tree, here our handy hints and tips on how to choose the right one for you.


What Kind Of Tree?

A cut tree- our most popular choice.

When you get a cut tree it is best to cut off the dry end of the trunk using a sharp saw, so the tree can take up water better. To make sure it stays it's best, you'll need a base with a large resovoir for water. As your tree will typically drink 1 litre of water a day.

A container grown tree

These trees can be planted outside in the garden after Christmas. keep it cool and well-watered while it's indoors.

A potted tree

Similar to container grown but cheaper. They are dug up and potted before Christmas so their roots won't be in such good condition and may not take well to planting outside. The best part with these is you don't need a tree stand.

Which variety is best?

Fraser Fir

A pyramid shaped tree with blue-green needles. Branches sweep upwards in neat layers. It holds it's needles well.

Norway Spruce

Has a good pine scent and strong branches for decorating but it will drop it's needles quickly in a warm room.

Nordmann Fir

Has an intense pine smell with layered branches which give it a good conical shape and it holds it's needles well.

Where to put your tree


Before you buy your tree, make sure you measure the space in which you are going to put it.

Choose a position away from the heat, even the TV! The trunk should be in the stand at least 20cm to make sure it is secure and won't topped over.

Keeping your tree looking good


Don't take it staright into a heated home, instead for a couple of days leave it in a shed or garage, then move to a porch or conservatory before putting it in's final posotion.

Keep the water level above the base of the tree, if your tree dries out, a resin will form over the bottom of the tree and it won't be able to take on more water.

Christmas Trees from £35.00

Top Tips for Lighting Your Christmas Tree

Create the magical feeling you get at Christmas with twinkling fairy lights, they really make the magic come to life. You can never have too many lights on your Christmas tree. Here are what we’d recommend based on the height of your tree.

  • 8ft- 480 LED String Lights or 1500 cluster Lights
  • 7ft- 360 LED String Lights or 1000 Cluster Lights
  • 6ft- 240 LED String Lights or 750 Cluster Lights
  • 5ft- 180 LED String Lights or 500 Cluster Lights