Countdown to Christmas Day


Our Christmas Winter Wonderland is filled with wonderful seasonal themes to inspire you this Christmas. We have all the trimmings, trees and centrepieces to get your home ready for the festive season.

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Christmas Trees

Thousands of real Christmas trees for you to choose from

Choosing the perfect tree is one of the most exciting things to do at Christmas. It's a family event and our helpful team are on hand to help you choose your tree. We've lots of farm fresh Christmas trees in all shapes, varieties and sizes. Nothing beats the wonderful pine scent of a real tree: here are our handy hints and tips on how to choose the right one for you.

What kind of tree?

A cut tree: our most popular choice.

When you get a cut tree it is best to cut off the dry end of the trunk using a sharp saw, so the tree can take up water better. To make sure it stays its best, you’ll need a base with a large reservoir for water, as your tree will typically drink 1 litre of water a day.

A container grown tree

These trees can be planted outside in the garden after Christmas. Keep it cool and well-watered while it’s indoors.

A potted tree

Similar to container grown but cheaper. They are dug up and potted before Christmas so their roots won’t be in such good condition and may not take well to planting outside.

Which Variety is best?

Fraser Fir

A pyramid shaped tree with blue-green needles. Branches sweep upwards in neat layers. Holds its needles well.

Norway Spruce

Has a good pine scent and strong branches for decorating but it will drop its needles quickly in a warm room.

Nordmann Fir

Has an intense pine smell with layered branches which give it a good conical shape and it will hold its needles well.

Where to
put your tree

Before you buy your tree, make sure you measure the space in which you are going to put it.

Choose a position away from heat, even the TV! The trunk should be in the stand at least 20cm to make sure it is secure and won’t topple over.


Keeping your tree looking good

Don’t take it straight into a heated home, instead for a couple of days leave it in a shed or garage, then move to a porch or conservatory before putting it in its final position.

Keep the water level above the base of the tree, if your tree dries out, a resin will form over the bottom of the tree and it won’t be able to take more water in. 

Table Centrepieces

Add a stunning table centrepiece to decorate your festive table. We'll have a range of centrepieces available in the Garden Centre from the 13th December in assorted styles and for every budget.

Locally-made Pet Food

In the Animal Barn we have a range of pet food including pick your own pick and mix dog treats and Cobbydog which is made in Yorkshire using natural ingredients, a great healthy choice for your dog. We also have a range of toys, leads, and treats to choose from.

Winter Fuels

Our large range of Winter fuels includes kiln dried logs and kindling. We also have smoked and smokeless coal, along with briquettes, firelighters and more.

We are a stockist of Calor Gas, please call us to check we have the gas you require before bringing an old gas bottle to swap. We sell Butane, Propane and Patio Gas. Call 01274 833472 option 5


Feeding Natures Wildlife

Give nature a hand by putting up a couple of bird feed hangers and bird seed out to help the birds all year long. Winter to early Spring is the most important time to feed birds, as this is when their natural food is scarce. Feeding birds in the Spring and Summer may help them to raise their chicks more successfully. Remember, always put peanuts in a rigid mesh feeder, as large pieces of nut can choke baby birds.