5 Things To Do With Your Lawn Cuttings

5 Things To Do With Your Lawn Cuttings

5 Things To Do With Your Lawn Clippings


  1. Leave Short Clippings Lie

If you’re striving for the perfect lawn, you’ll usually rake the cuttings, but did you know that 25% of nutrients that grass clippings have can be added back into the soil if you leave them. They also encourage micro-organisms and earth worms that digest the grass and help maintain healthy soil. However, long grass clippings won’t breakdown so easily. Make sure all weeds are dealt with before leaving grass clippings on the lawn as the clippings can help aid the weeds too and you’ll end up with a bigger weed problem.

  1. Make Compost

A proper compost pile requires grass cuttings. It needs a mixture of green and brown materials. See our post on composting:  https://www.robertshawsfarmshop.co.uk/blogs/gardening-helpful-tips-and-tricks/a-guide-to-composting


  1. Make Tea

Not the stuff we drink, but tea for plants. Place some grass cuttings in a bucket of water and allow them to steep for up to 3 days. Strain off the liquid and use this to feed your plants. It’s packed full of nutrients, and you’ll see a difference from using just water.

  1. Use As Mulch

Mulch is any type of material used to spread over the surface of soil as a covering. It helps retain moisture, suppresses weeds and keeps the soil cool which improves its fertility. Grass cuttings contain a high amount of nitrogen, something all plants need to grow and flourish.

  1. Improve The Soil

Add lawn clippings to the soil, mix it in and it will help enrich it and boost the growth of your veggies.