September- Plant Of The Month and Top Five Gardening Tips

September- Plant Of The Month and Top Five Gardening Tips

Plant Of The Month:

In September, most of the summer flowers in the garden have peaked, and it's time for heather to flourish. And extra fun: bees can replenish their honey stocks just before winter!
Heather is a perennial plant that can survive for 30-40 years in the wild. They create beautiful landscapes and provide a lovely contrast to lots of green. The are super versatile too, they can be planted up in pots and rcokeries, as well a stunning ground cover alongside flowering perennials and flowerbeds.
Make sure your heather gets lots of light, they can tolerate little care and poor soil. To keep them lloking their best, it's helpful to prune them every year after flowers. Stops them getting leggy and fills out the plant.

This Months Top Five Things to Do In Your Garden

September is the last month for any hope of a warmer day. Towards the end the days become shorter and the night become cooler. Make the most of any 'indian summer's by putting solar lights around the garden so you can keep enjoying outside, even when the sun has gone in. Cosy nights under the lights are just the best!

1.    Plant autumn winter bedding plants before the weather changes cooler.

2.    Trees, shrubs, and roses can be pruned now.

3.    Plant spring flowering bulbs

4.    Revive your lawn, with the humidity and rain, it's perfect seed sowing season. Make sure your lawn stays looking it's best all winter long.

5.    Tidy, over grown borders. Prune any plants that have grown out of hand. Cut them back now before it gets and cooler.