Growing and Caring For Roses

Growing and Caring For Roses

Roses are really easy to grow, give them plenty of water, food and a little bit of love.

Where to grow

Roses will grow in any soil, but make sure they get at least 50% of the days sun.


Dig a big enough hole to fit the roots in and place a handful of bone meal at the bottom of the hole, mixing it in with the soil. Place the rose in the hole and backfill with topsoil, or rose and shrub compost. Make sure the ‘stumpy bit’ is just below soil level and give it a good water.


Prune out any weak or weedy growth. Roses can be trimmed back after they have been flowering around November time but the main pruning is done late winter, early spring. Pruning looks aggressive but it helps the roots to grow and produce a stronger plant.


Roses need regular feeding. Clay soil will need rose fertiliser twice a year a chalky soil with need feeding monthly during march to july.


Roses tolerate dry soil but will look their best in moist soil. Make sure they have a good layer of mulch to keep the moisture in the ground.