July - Plant of the Month and Top Five Gardening Tips

July - Plant of the Month and Top Five Gardening Tips

Plant of the Month:


Shrubby hydrangeas brighten borders in mid to late Summer with their showy, but delicate, long-lasting flowers in shades of pink, white or blue. They've got large round flower heads and are a great plant to get colour in your garden all Summer and Autumn. Hydrangeas like moist soil, not wet, it has to be well drained and in a sunny not shaded spot so they can flower to their full potential. Did you know the PH of the soil will change the colour of the flowers? - How cool is that! Alkaline soil with create pink flowers and acidic will create blue. You can play around with the soil by adding different fertilisers.

This Months Top Five Things to Do In Your Garden

It's the peak of the English Summer. By now you should be enjoying BBQ's, gatherings in the gardens and lots of outdoor fun!

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1.    Keep watering, try not to water when the sun is fully out. Stick to early or later watering.

2. Sow salads now

3. Light up your garden, when the sun goes down continue enjoying your garden with solar lights and fire pits.

4. Keep the weeds at bay. Warm weather and rain is the perfect growing season for all flowers, wanted or not.

5. Don't mow the lawn too low. In the warmer month is can risk drying out and creating brown spots. Mow it on a higher setting to allow the blades to hold more water.